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Devastated when girlfriend Jasmine turns down his proposal to marry Jake walks all-but-naked up the Indian Ocean coast for charity. He is driven by media scoundrel Brian King’s 200k incentive to completes the walk and an ulterior to prove his worth to Jasmine. The walk makes Jake a celebrity which appeals to Jasmine but it’s too late. Jake has fallen for mesmerizing backpacker Valerie. A spiteful Jasmine flies in and declares she will marry Jake after all. Jake turns Jasmine down but then Valerie vanishes.

Photo credit David Dare Parker

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Production Information


Alan Lindsay


Alan Lindasay

Helen Clucas

Associate Producer

Callan Durlik

Josh Horneman

Hamish Gibson

Executive Producers

Simon Egan

Matthew Helderman

Luke Taylor

Patrick DePeters

Michael Ryan

Guy Collins

Fred Hedman

Jeff Harrison

Darren Brown

Key Cast

Angus McLaren

Natasha Liu Bordizzo

Megan Smart

John Cleese

Sophie Kennedy Clark

Callan Durlik

Lucy-Rose Leonard

Alan Little

Jamie Timony


Uumbrella Entertainment PL (ANZ)



Key Locations





Margaret River



Director of Photography

Michael McDermott

First Assistant Director

Bradley Holyoake

Production Designer

Nigel Devenport

Art Director

Elizabeth Wrattten

Sound Recordist

Trevor Hope

Glenn Dillion


Meredith Watson-Jeffrey

Photo credit David Dare Parker
DOP Michael McDermott lines up a dolly shot stradling the Dardunup rail line

Community Support

Michael McDermott | Director of Photography

Michael McDermott’s 30-plus-years-cv includes the multi-award-winning Hounds of Love. He has recently lensed the thriller ‘Below’ starring Anthony LaPaglia and Ryan Corr. He has covered the America’s Cup and 1988 Olympics in Korea, filmed documentaries for Discovery Channel HD Theatre and is DOP on advertising campaigns for Coca Cola, McDonalds, Toyota and KIA.

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