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In season two The Heights returns with all its heart, humour and excitement as it continues to explore the frictions and commonalities between the upper and working classes in the melting pot of urban modern Australia.

Photo of the cast of The Heights Season 2 posing in a stairwellPhoto credit Ben King © Matchbox Productions

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Production Information


Warren Clarke

Que Minh Luu


Warren Clarke


Peta Astbury-Bulsara


Danielle MacLean


Karl Zwicky

Renee Webster

Tenika Smith

Jub Clerc

Kelli Cross

Key Cast

Rupert Reid
Shari Sebbens
Calen Tassone
Roz Hammond
Bridie McKim
Fiona Press
Mitchell Bourke
Dan Paris
Saskia Hampele
Phoenix Raei
Yazeed Daher
Carina Hoang
Koa Nuen
Cara McCarthy
Briallen Clarke
Kelton Pell

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