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With their country under threat from a huge dust cloud and the mysterious Takers that lurk within, a small group of Indigenous kids have to make their way to the Thalu, a place of great power, in order to stop the cloud before it destroys everything in its path.

Along the way they encounter friends and foe alike as they search for eight sacred stones and a special key that will unlock the power of the Thalu and, they hope, stop the Takers in their tracks.

Cast of Thalu in the outback with smoke in the background

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Production Information


Tyson Mowarin

Robyn Marais


Dena Curtis (Eps 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Tyson Mowarin (Eps 5, 6 and 10)

Amie Batalibasi (Eps 7 and 8)

Hunter Page-Lochard (Ep 9)

Series Writers

Beck Cole (Ep 1)

Samuel Paynter (Ep 2)

David Woodhead (Eps 3, 4, 5, 6, 10)

Donald Imberlong (Ep 8)

Nayuka Gorrie – Episode 7, 9

Executive Producers

Bernadette O’Mahony

Mark O’Toole

Line Producer

Ryan Hodgson

Production Designer

Otello Stolfo

Costume Designer

Kylie Clifford

Make Up/Hair Designer

Astrid Hansen

Director of Photography

Torstein Dyrting

Sound Recordist

Alex Wilson


Dion Borrett

Key Grip

Greg McKie


Nick Dunlop

Regg Skwarko

Bryan McQueen-Mason


Josh Hogan

Ned Beckley

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