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Deep in the Australian Outback, two children, Max Winton and Lucia Richardson, go on a magical odyssey through time and space, exploring the mysteries of the Universe via the world’s largest radio telescope and its oldest living culture. In the arid heartland of the Murchison region of Western Australia, Max and Lucia, visit the remote site of the Square Kilometre Array or SKA radio telescope. There, they learn about the beginnings of time and space and the life cycle of stars. Then through a special door, Max and Lucia enter the ancient land of the Yamaji people where they meet with artist, Charmaine Green. She becomes their guide as they travel through the land of her ancestors and introduces them to other artists and their paintings. The artists share with the children star stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. Max and Lucia discover how much the scientific world and the ancient world have in common, for we all live under one sky, a shared sky.

Photo credit © Prospero Productions

Filmed and Post Produced in Western Australia

on the Traditional Country of the Wajarri Yamatji & Noongar Whadjuk peoples

Production Information


Perun Bonser


Julia Redwood


Julia Redwood

Jules Fortune


Ernie Dingo

Key Cast

Lucia Richardson

Max Winton


Charmaine Green

Margaret Whitehurst

Barbara Merritt

Wendy Jackamarra


Kevin Merritt

Wendy Jackamarra


Big & Digital

Key Locations






Director of Photography

Michael McDermott ACS


David Langlands


Tim Count

Sound and Aerials

Owen Hughes

Sound Design and Mix

Ric Curtin

Visual Effects

Last Pixel

Executive Producers

Julia Redwood

Jules Fortune

Ian Booth

Ed Punchard

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Acknowledgement of Country

Screenwest acknowledges and pays respect to all Traditional Owners of Country across the State of Western Australia and their Elders, past, present and emerging. We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, spiritual beliefs and relationship to land and waters and acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the people living today. We extend this respect to all Indigenous language groups.