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A 70th anniversary television event, Singapore 1942- End of Empire tells the story of those early shocking days of the Pacific War when belief in security and comfort from empire collapsed. For the first time this momentous 20th century battle, and its equally dramatic aftermath, will be told from a multi-national perspective, revealing new and challenging insights into a battle that turned our world upside down.  Whilst the Japanese victory confirmed how useless it was for Australians to rely on Britain for their defence, post-war Australians looked to another great protective power – the United States – to align itself with. And Asian nations would rapidly determine their own destiny and seek a tumultuous independence.

Filmed and Post Produced in Western Australia

on the Traditional Country of the Yamatji Badimia, Yamatji Nanda & Noongar Whadjuk peoples

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Production Information

Writer & Director

Don Featherstone

Executive Producers

Trevor Graham

Ned Lander

Andrew Ogilvie

Director of Photography

Jim Frater


Lawrie Silvestrin

Production Designer

Emma Fletcher

Costume Designer and Military Advisor

Ian Sparke


Ash Gibson Greig

Visual Effects

Mike Dunn


Colin Friels

Production Manager

Rose Grandile-Pizzi

Sound Editor

Glenn Martin

Sound Post Production

Ric Curtin

Hear from Electric Pictures CEO

“Over the years, Electric Pictures has produced a number of dramatised historical documentaries.”

“With each new programme we have continued to refine the art of mixing interviews with archive footage and dramatic reconstructions, to bring to life periods of history in a way that would not be possible without this combination of filmmaking techniques. “Singapore 1942: End of Empire” represents our best achievement to date in the use of all the tools in the documentary filmmakers tool-kit to tell a powerful story of considerable international significance.”

– Andrew Ogilvie, Executive Producer & Electric Pictures CEO

Photo credit Jimmy Melicki © Electric Pictures
Tom McKie with his Happy New Year Greeting written on a 25 pounder shell
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