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Only in Oz is an action-packed and often irreverent adventure series, following four young Australians as they criss-cross the world’s only island continent to discover the precious, proud and truly out of the ordinary. Delving into the past, present and future, each of the astonishing eight episodes explores a part of the Australian experience that defines and unites its people. From Ned Kelly to Ningaloo, shipwrecks to sinkholes, opals to aliens, Only in Oz tells the often-unexpected stories connected to landscape, history, science, and society that all contribute to make Australia unique.

Filmed and Post Produced in Western Australia

on the Traditional Country of the Yamatji Badimia, Yamatji Nanda & Noongar Whadjuk peoples

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Production Information

Series Director

Katherine Barrett

Field Directors

Ian Withnall

Belinda Gibbon

Juliette Pearce

Brendan Hutchens

Series Producer

Eliot Buchan

Story Producers

Melenie Ambrose

Matt O’Donnell

Rob McGlynn

Philipa Hutchison

Denise Blazek

Assistant Producers

Courtenay Cameron

Sophie le Butt

Executive Producers

Ed Punchard

Julia Redwood

Jules Fortune


Stephanie Bendixsen

Tyson Mayr

Luke Joseph Ryan

Anouska Freedman


Umbrella Entertainment (ANZ)


Arclight Films International (ROW)

Key Locations




A Spotlight on Australia

“Putting together a series like this highlighted not only the unique character of the people living in Australia,”

“…but just how intertwined the forces of the land are in shaping that character. It’s this close connection between the Australian experience (encompassing its climate, geography and history) and the Australian character that we’ve tried to plumb in this series.

– Eliot Buchan, Series Producer

Photo credit ©2018 Prospero Productions
Luke Joseph Ryan wrapping up his feral cats shoot while sound recordist Lachlan Coles listens in. Story: Marsupial Survival School.
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