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An ordinary dog whose strange good fortune and innate ability to connect with people allow him to navigate his local community, the world of show dog competitions and eventually the film entertainment business, his rise to stardom and ultimate legacy of helping other dogs in shelters.

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Production Information

Writer & Directors

Aaron Mccann

Dominic Pearce


Lauren Brunswick

Nelson Woss

Line Producer

Isabel Perez


Ben Wright

Executive Producers

Bryce Menzies

Greg Parker

Marc Van Buuren

Colin Vaines

Key Cast

Jason Isaacs

Sarah Woods

Toby Truslove

Felix Williamson

Verity James

Distributor and Sales

Good Dog Distribution (ANZ & INT)

Key Locations

Director of Photography

Lewis Potts


Regg Skwarko

Production Designer

Mon Wajon


Cezary Skubiszewski

Costume Designer

Nicole Ferraro


Jason Isaacs

Red Dog: a Filmic Legacy

“As in Red Dog, the soul of this film will be drawn out of the relationship between a community and a dog.”

“There is no doubt that Koko had an amazing following but as one experiences the interviews with people from all walks of life as they express what Koko meant to them, it will celebrate the impact that dogs have on our lives.”

– Nelson Woss, Producer

Photo credit Matsu Photography - Daniel Craig
Felix Williamson, Sarah Woods, Hero, and Toby Truslove

The documentary within the film

“Gracie Otto leads the creative team”

“…with liberal help and support from the original RED DOG team of myself, Kriv Stenders and Daniel Taplitz. We envision THE KOKO Story as a quintessentially Australian film with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.”

“Gracie’s adept ability to shoot in the documentary style with a low budget production methodology is a key element to the potential of the film.”

– Nelson Woss, Producer

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