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During the summer of 1987, women are disappearing from the streets of Perth at the hands of serial killer couple John and Evelyn White. Until now the picturesque city has been unaware of the crimes of this unassuming pair and the missing women are quickly dismissed as runaways. Vicki Maloney, an intelligent and charismatic teenager inwardly struggling with her parent’s recent separation, is designated to spend the weekend at her mother’s house in outer suburbia. After friction between mother and daughter escalates, Vicki defiantly sneaks out to attend a party. En route she is lured into the car of seemingly trustworthy couple. Vicki soon finds herself held captive where she is forced into a dark world of violence and domination. With no way to escape and her murder imminent, Vicki realises she must find a way to drive a wedge between Evelyn and John if she’s to survive her ordeal. By carefully observing her captors Vicki discovers Evelyn’s longing for her absent children, which she decides to exploit in an effort to drive a wedge between the killers. Unfortunately John’s emotional hold over Evelyn is far beyond Vicki’s comprehension and her efforts to turn them against each other only fuels Evelyn’s will to see her die. Broken and tormented, Vicki accepts her fate may soon lie at the bottom of a shallow bush grave. Meanwhile Vicki’s desperate mother Maggie will stop at nothing to find her missing child. When Maggie’s search leads her to John and Evelyn’s street, Vicki finds the strength for one last attempt at survival by forcing Evelyn to realise if she ever wants to see her children again, she must break free from John’s evil spell. Inspired by real life crimes Hounds of Love is a confronting thriller examining themes of psychological control and domestic violence.

Photo credit Factor 30 Films, Pty Ltd

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Production Information

Writer & Director

Ben Young


Melissa Kelly

Assistant Producer

Jaclyn Hewer

Director of Photography

Michael McDermott

Key Cast

Emma Booth

Ashleigh Cummings

Stephen Curry

Susie Porter

Damian De Montemas

Harrison Gilbertson


Urban Distribution International (INT)

Label Distribution (ANZ)

Key Locations

Hamilton Hill, Freemantle


East Perth



Sound Designer

Ric Curtin


Merlin Eden

Production Designer

Clayton Jauncey

Costume Designer

Terri Lamera

Production Coordinator

Gabrielle Cole


Dan Luscombe

1st Assistant Director

Andrew Power

2nd Assistant Director

Stuart Morrice

3rd Assistant Director

Natalie Maloy

Brett Dowson

Art Director

Louise Brady


Modern Catering

Barry Ashcroft

Dave Steward


Perry Sandow

Key Grip

Greg Stirling

Location Scout & Unit Manager

Mike Montague

Hair & Make Up Designer

Karen Sims

Post Production Facility

Sandbox Post Production

Post Producer

Louise Bertoncini

VFX Supervisor

Tony Bannan

Post Sound Facility

Curtin Productions



Sound Recordist

Trevor Hope

Ben Young on his first Feature

“We made the film made on a tight budget, however it’s hard to imagine how I would have done it
differently with a bigger budget”

The very nature of the premise involves very few locations and a small number of cast. This allowed us to create a unique 1987 suburban Australian backdrop and collaborate with some of Australia’s most celebrated acting talent and technicians, resulting in a performance driven story with a unique visual aesthetic.

– Ben Young, Director and Writer

Ben Young and Michael McDermottPhoto credit Jaclyn Hewer, Factor 30 Films, Pty Ltd.
Ben Young and Michael McDermott discussing a shot.
Photo credit Jean-Paul Horré, Factor 30 Films, Pty Ltd
Ben Young and Emma Booth on set discussing a scene

Shooting in Perth

Hounds of Love was shot on location in the Perth metro area, predominantly in Fremantle, Western

Fourteen of the production’s twenty shoot days took place at the one location; a mid 1960’s salmon brick home in Hamilton Hill. Other locations included Belmont, East Perth, Claremont and Coolbellup. The film is set in 1987 so we chose suburbs in Perth that had pockets of older style houses from the 1950’s to the 1970’s to establish the look and feel of the period without it screaming 1980’s.

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