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Star Dreaming

A magical odyssey through time and space, by two children as they explore the mysteries of the Universe through from the world’s oldest living culture and its largest radio telescope.

Revis Ryder, Daisy Ward and Wendy Kelly standing in front of police car

Our Law

At Western Australia’s first Indigenous-run police station, two officers learn language and culture to help them police one of the world’s most remote beats.


Ricky Naser is a young Australian whose peaceful suburban life turns to hell when his sister Ameena disappears without a trace. In a climate of distrust and xenophobia, Ricky is forced to denounce her as an extremist.

Derek & Mark in the kitchen

On Country Kitchen Season 2

It’s season 2 and Derek still can’t cook! With locally found ingredients, and sprinkle of culture and character for good measure, Mark and Derek create an Indigenous-inspired feast for the characters and producers they visit along their journey.

Only In Oz

Only in Oz is an action-packed and often irreverent adventure series, following four young Australians as they criss-cross the world’s only island continent to discover the precious, proud and truly out of the ordinary.

Dying To Live

Dying To Live reveals that Australia is well behind the Western World in organ and tissue donor rates, causing immense suffering for those awaiting organs, while other Australians inspire us, with their compassionate gift of life, to want to become physical philanthropists

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