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Outback Farm

Chasing the dream of a new life, first-time farmers, Anthony and Danyelle Haigh, and their two young sons, have sold up everything and moved to a remote, ramshackle 5000-acre farm, slap bang in the middle of Australia to grow hay in the desert.

New Leash on Life

Comedian Joel Creasey and dog expert Laura V are on a mission to rescue pound dogs whose lives are on the line, train them up, and pair them with a family in need of a dog in their life.

Revis Ryder, Daisy Ward and Wendy Kelly standing in front of police car

Our Law

At Western Australia’s first Indigenous-run police station, two officers learn language and culture to help them police one of the world’s most remote beats.

Photo of Noni Hazlehurst

Every Family Has A Secret Season 2

Presented by Noni Hazlehurst this masterfully crafted observational documentary series follows everyday Australians as they discover the truth about their family’s past, and confront the extraordinary secrets that have shaped their lives.

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Acknowledgement of Country

Screenwest acknowledges and pays respect to all Traditional Owners of Country across the State of Western Australia and their Elders, past, present and emerging. We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, spiritual beliefs and relationship to land and waters and acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the people living today. We extend this respect to all Indigenous language groups.