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In this immersive Virtual Reality Film you will step into a time warping dream bubble as four young Aboriginal Australians guide you through their futures. Their stories evolve from the present day to 20 years into the future where Nelson’s driving space trains, Maverick’s hanging out with robots, Ali’s a famous world performer and Maxie’s the Governor of an off-world colony powered by emus on treadmills. Be ready for an intergalactic adventure. Look out for the space emus!

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Production Information

Writer & Director

Stuart “Sutu” Campbell


Robyn Marais


Ali Lucker

Executive Producers

Stuart “Sutu” Campbell

Key Cast

Alison Lockyer

Maverick Eaton

Nelson Coppin

Maxie Coppin


Sutu Eats Flies (ANZ)

Key Locations


Cinematography and Sound Recording

Saxon Yuen

Nicola Petrides


Henry Inglis


Jake Steele

VR Production

Visitor Vision

Costume Design

Nixi Killick

Picture Post

Boogie Monster/Steve Vojkovic

Sound Post

Glenn Martin

VR Filmmaking

Based in Queensland, Visitor Vision is a Virtual Reality Production Studio…

…that transports participants to destinations, both real and imagined. Through the headset, viewers can interact with and hear accounts from inhabitants or forge a path and tell their own stories.

Photo credit Chynna Campbell
Maxie Coppin in motion capture headset
Photo credit Chynna Campbell
Interview with Alison Lockyer

Hear from the Producer

“Max, Ali, Nelson and Maverick are cutting edge practitioners”

“…breaking new ground with their old friend and collaborator Stu. I appreciate the energy, humour and hope evident in Future Dreaming and I think they will inspire their peers, remain well placed to be unique leaders, and continue to be boundless creators.”

– Robyn Marais, Producer

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