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A rare snapshot of a special time in Australia’s history, Flying Miners puts a face to the men and women working at the coalface.

Over 100,000 workers currently hold a unique place in Australia’s mining industry. They’re called FIFOs: Fly In Fly Out miners.

Making money – and lots of it – can make ordinary people do extraordinary things. If the price is right, it can turn teachers into truck drivers, accountants into labourers and high school dropouts into highly skilled drillers.

Flying Miners is a rare opportunity to meet the everyday workers who are at the heart of the boom.

Production Information

Head of Non-Fiction

Jennifer Collins

Series Producer

David Peters

Adam Page

Line Producers

Catherine Durr

Shoot Producers

Tim Green

Martin Taylor

Post Producers

Adam Page

Anita Jorgensen

Executive Producers

Stephen Peters

Sue Taylor

Director Of Photography

Ian Batt

Key Subjects

Shana Mooyman

Matt Skeet

Bradley Hamence

Rodney ‘Bucky’ Buck

Andrew ‘Smalls’ Carstairs

Trevor Sykes

Paul Cleary

Professor Fiona Haslam McKenzie

Keith Storey PHD


Marcos Moro

Christopher Mill

Robin Lynch

Shannon Ruddock

Duane Fogwell

Thom Corcoran

Bill Turner

Lawrie Silverstrin

Assistant Editors

Stephanie Makin

Glen Cox

Production Manager

Claire Burton

Production Assistant

Angela La Macchia

Production Accountant

Janet Probin


Guy Gross



Sound Recordists

Jason North

Ben Ohayon

Glen Dillon

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