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In this fifth series of Aussie Gold Hunters, the biggest-ever group of gold-hungry prospectors battle the country’s harshest environments in a desperate bid to strike it rich.

Across twenty episodes we’re thrust into the peaks and slumps of the gold season as teams hunt out their critical targets – braving searing heat, bushfires, mechanical breakdowns, snakes and the constant pressure to carve out a living in the precarious hunt for gold.

Aussie Gold Hunters is an unscripted, character-based factual series, set against the epic backdrop of the remote goldfields of Western Australia and Victoria.

Person in camo with a digger in the backgroundPhoto credit Amanda Miller © Electric Pictures
The Gold Gypsies discover fine gold embedded in rock.

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Production Information

Series Producer

Robin Shingleton

Executive Producers

Andrew Ogilvie

Andrea Quesnelle

Head of Production

Ingrid Longley

Line Producer

Sharron Ashworth

Senior Story Producers

Katherine Barrett

Michael Dye


Wayne Young

Casey Grogan

Dean Whiston

Head of Sound & Drone Pilot

Owen Hughes

Post Production Supervisor

Roz Silvestrin

Edit Director

Matthew O’Donnell

Karren Gail

Robin Lloyd

Sound Editor & Mixer

Cue Sound

Visual Effects

Double Barrel VFX



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