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Face it you’re probably an addict. A slave to your tech. Hopelessly glued to your screen from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. You’ve been systematically programmed to become an addict by an army of expert technology companies, who are making vast profits from the time you spend on their products. And, this addiction is taking a huge toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. But it’s time to wake up and regain your humanity.

Guiding you through the matrix of tech addiction is host Dr Kim Le, a former gaming addict turned clinical psychologist. Kim will pull back the curtain to reveal how and why these companies want you addicted to their products, as well as arming you with the knowledge and techniques to take back control. And, through a series of one on one interactive consultations he’ll assess your level of dependence and tell you whether you control your technology or if your technology controls you!

Photo credit Closer Productions

Filmed and Post Produced in Western Australia

on the Traditional Country of the Noongar Whadjuk peoples

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Production Information

Writer & Director

Matthew Bate


Darren Hutchinson


Matthew Bate

Darren Hutchinson

Story Producer

Christian Horgan

Executive Producers

Dan Brown

Jacqueline Willinge


Huu Kim Lee

Co-Director and Director of Photography WA

Jake Blackburn

Key Locations

University of Western Australia

John Curtin High School

Original Music and Sound Design

Ned Beckley

Josh Hogan

Audio Post Facility

Envelope Audio

Teaching Tech Awareness

“That’s what I would like this interactive project to be, a first step for our viewers on a journey to regain control”

I hope our survey and the interactivity that powers it connects with each individual on a more personal level than a traditional documentary to cut through the noise and the distraction and make people think.

– Darren Hutchinson, Producer

Photo credit Closer Productions
Animated people on their phones.
Photo credit Closer Productions
Dr Kim Lee looking at countdown

An Interactive Documentary

Are You Addicted To Technology? is a world first interactive experience…

…that will take you on a journey of self discovery, asking you to confront one of the most pressing issues affecting every one of us. As Dr Kim Le guides you through this personalized investigation, you’ll question everything you thought you knew about your own behavior and relationship with technology.

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