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A destination wedding in Australia’s Blue Mountains goes horribly wrong when Luke gets drunk and falls off a cliff. He lands in a lake and miraculously survives… Only for a huge rock to land on his head and crush him stone dead. Our boys, David (Xavier Samuel), Tom (Kris Marshall) and Graham (Kevin Bishop) suddenly find themselves transporting his corpse back to London, where his grieving Aunt is already planning the funeral. Riddled with grief, guilt and their usual self-obsession, the lads are under constant threat from Luke’s Mad Cousin Henry (Ryan Corr). If they fail to deliver Luke’s body in time for the funeral there will be both emotional and physical consequences to pay.

The local ranger (Sacha Horler) helps them retrieve the corpse and David’s father-in-law manages to organize a private jet to fly them back to London. However, Graham insists on sitting in the cockpit, whilst Tom tries to have grief-sex in the toilets with a flight attendant (Pip Edwards). Both episodes ultimately force the pilot (Jeremy Sims) into a hard landing in the middle of Australia.

From a crocodile infested swamp, our boys attempt to transport their friend through the treacherous bush, facing all manner of challenges and opportunities…

Photo credit Feisty Dame Productions

Filmed and Post Produced in Western Australia

on the Traditional Country of the Noongar Yuat & Noongar Whadjuk peoples

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Production Information


Mark Lamprell


Dean Craig


Laurence Malkin SPA

Tania Chambers SPA


Daniel Findlay

Executive Producers

Dean Craig

Gary Hamilton

Mark Lazarus

James Vernon

Josh Kesselman

Steve Cooper

Key Cast

Xavier Samuel

Kris Marshall

Kevin Bishop

Ryan Corr

Jeremy Sims

Lynette Curran

Shane Jacobson

Deborah Mailman

Darren Gilshenan

Sacha Horler

Pamela Shaw

James Helm

Dacre Montgomery


Studiocanal (ANZ)


Arclight Films (INT)

Key Locations


The Pinnacles

John Forrest National Park

Yanchep National Park


Key WA Crew

Director of Photography

Steve Arnold ACS


Marc Van Buuren

Production Designer

Emma Fletcher

Costume Designer

Lisa Gunning Galea


David Hirschfelder

Filming in West Australia

“One of the things that attracted me to the movie was the fact that it’s a road movie essentially…”

“…and it goes through a lot of landscapes. The first film, the nature of it, was the wedding and party in the one spot. But this one, we were actually out on the road and out in the country so, it became a matter of incorporating them as part of the landscapes and making a real journey out of it. And the landscapes vary so much. .”

– Steve Arnold, Director of Photography

Photo credit Feisty Dame Productions
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Acknowledgement of Country

Screenwest acknowledges and pays respect to all Traditional Owners of Country across the State of Western Australia and their Elders, past, present and emerging. We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, spiritual beliefs and relationship to land and waters and acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the people living today. We extend this respect to all Indigenous language groups.