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He may be a poodle, but Freddy Lupin knows he’s got what it takes to win a place in the elite Night Patrol. All he has to do is graduate from the prestigious Howlington Academy, prove he can do anything the other wolves can, and keep his pink fluffy butt out of trouble. Easy-peasy, right? WRONG!

Freddy gets off to a rough start when he makes an enemy of his schoolmate Ivan Beowolf, a boy from a powerful, rival werewolf family. Plus, Freddy’s best dog mate Batty can turn into a human now and is posing as a Howlington student!

Meanwhile, trouble brews for the pack as a secret society of barbaric wilderwolves is on the rise. If that wasn’t enough, someone has stolen the sacred moonstone and is unleashing increasingly weird and dangerous animal hybrids on the town! When Freddy is targeted by ”Alpha One” the mysterious head of the wilderwolves, he and Batty must form an alliance with Scarlet, a young werewolf-hunter, to catch this new foe and recover the moonstone.

Freddy must find a wolf’s heart in his poodle body. He may be pink and fluffy, but it turns out that Freddy Lupin is 100% hero!

Photo credit © 2020 Flying Bark Productions Pty Ltd and Screen Australia

Developed and Post Produced in Western Australia

on the Traditional Country of the Noongar Whadjuk peoples

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Production Information


Fin Edquist


Jacqui Trowell

Sergio Delfino

Michael Evan Nicholas

Miley Tunnecliffe

Tracey Defty-Rashid

Fin Edquist

Steve Arnold


Alexia Gates Foale

Barbara Stephens

Michael Bourchier

Associate Producer

Francesca Hope

Line Producer

Sandra Beerenbrock

Key Cast

Ilai Swindells

Elizabeth Nabben

William Cottle

Victoria Zerbst

Lottie Guntank

Sam Alhaje

Raechelle Banno

Kelly Butler

Peter McAllum

Anni Finsterer

Executive Producers

Barbara Stephens

Michael Bourchier




Anthony Webb

Scott Henry

Head of Story

Tanya Bystrova

Art Director

Jenny Harder

Animation Director

Les Turner


Josh Hogan

Ned Beckley

Nicholas Gardiner

Production Manager

Brooke Krumbeck

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