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Value to the Community

For people who are unfamiliar with screen production it can take many forms. By understanding what is involved and being able anticipate the activity it will ensure a more productive and enjoyable experience.

When screen production comes to your district it can create local employment, investment and increase the profile of your area.  The benefits of hosting filming are likely to be very positive foryour area and residents – accommodation will be needed for cast and crew, food & fuel sales, employment and the consumption of goods and services.

Suppliers are often small businesses, such as lighting suppliers, builders, tourism operators, artists, carpenters, electricians, locksmiths, sculptors, painters, hairdressers, restaurants, medical practitioners, social clubs, pubs and accommodation providers.

Location fees are always negotiable and will vary depending on the project and what they need to do whilst at your property.  Fees are also dependent on factors such as use of branding, physical changes to buildings and infrastructure as well as potential marketing and tourism income. In general terms, drama, adverts, light entertainment and commercial productions are more likely to have location budgets; factual programs and short films normally only have very small location budgets.

When considering location fees ensure any costs are recovered. These could includestaff costs, use of services such as electricity and water, security etc. The amount should account for any loss of income (e.g. if closed to the public whilst filming and unable to take entry or sell goods).

Resources for the Community

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