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The Crew & Services Directory is a free, publicly searchable database that allows Western Australian resident companies and individuals working in the screen industry to create a profile, highlight their skills and showcase their work.

Listing categories include everything from sound recordists, game design, art directors and runners to on-set caterers, equipment rental companies and first aid officers.

Why Do I Need A Profile?

The Screenwest website is a central resource for local, interstate and international productions who are actively looking to film in Western Australia.

It is the first place we direct enquiries when productions are looking for locations, resources and crew. Since January 2020, the Crew & Services pages of the Screenwest website have been viewed more than 13,000 times.

If you want to incoming productions to easily view your credits and contact you, you need a presence in the Crew & Services Directory!

Am I Eligible?

If you are a Crew Member, Production Company or Support Service Provider in Western Australia with at least one paid, verifiable, professional media industry credit, and you do not currently have a profile, you can create a free account on the Screenwest website.

Make sure you read the Screenwest Crew & Services Directory Terms and Conditions for conditions of use and full eligibility information.

If you are not eligible to be listed on the directory, you can still send your CV and Cover letter to our Production Attraction & Services Manager to keep it on file for productions looking for .

How to Create A Profile

  1. Visit the Crew & Services Directory Dashboard on the Screenwest website to register for an account or login. You can reset your password if you haven’t logged in for a while!
  2. Click “Contact Information” and make sure your details current. Listees are required to provide a minimum of one publicly available phone number. You must also provide a Western Australian address and a valid email address; make sure you select the checkbox if you would like to keep this information private.
  3. Select “Categories & Credits” and add your production credits! Make sure you prioritise credits that reflect the roles you are actively pursuing in the industry. You can include your full list of credits when you upload your resume. Can’t find a category that reflects your credit? Please email to request it be added.
  4. Select “Skills & Description” to provide more information about your special skills and experience. Provide links to your websites and social media profiles to help people get in touch with you. You can also select any unions, affiliations and designations you would like visible on your profile, such as Indigenous identity or willingness to work statewide.
  5. Select “Upload Files” and check that your resume is up to date. We highly encourage Listees to upload a headshot or company logo to help your profile stand out!

Crew & Services Directory Contact

For more information about the Crew & Services Directory please contact:

Gabrielle Cole, Production Attraction & Services Manager

T: +61 8 6169 2117

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Crew & Services

Western Australia is home to highly-skilled and experienced crews, praised internationally for their innovation, drive and distinctive storytelling.

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Resources to assist regional development commissions, local government authorities, tourism associations, chambers of commerce, stakeholders and partners to smooth the path for incoming filmmakers.

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