Evaluate Icon 3We do a quick evaluation to see if your project might be right for the Fund.

There is significant work involved in making these investments well so we aim to focus our resources on those projects we believe are most likely to succeed.

Our initial evaluation will take into account anything we consider relevant including:


  • the project’s fit for a Regional Western Australian location
  • the project’s potential to reach significant audiences
  • likely spend in Regional Western Australia and the state as a whole
  • the quality and rigor of supporting materials, track record of companies and individuals involved, strength of market partners, proposed schedule and budget, likelihood of project being fully financed on proposed plan, competition and risk
  • other potential regional outcomes per the Fund’s objectives

We’ll get back to you to let you know if we need further information, how we’d like to progress or to advise if we don’t feel your project is the best fit for the Fund.

Please always consider other Screenwest funding options available in addition.