THREE SUMMERS – Feature Film

About the Film

When Keevey, the lead singer of a popular Irish folk band “The Warrikins”,  meets Roland, a self righteous  and somewhat eccentric theremin player,  at a rural folk festival, sparks begin to fly. Their blossoming romance forms the backdrop to a series of interweaving festival stories as we see how the characters change from one summer to the next. Among them is Henry a grieving grandfather who runs the local Morris Dancing troupe,  Eamon,  Keevey’s father and founder of The Warrikins; and Jack, a Noongar didgeridoo player.  Keeping them all in line is Queenie,  the community radio announcer,  who sees the same old confrontations year after year and thinks it’s high time we found ways to embrace our differences and all learn to get along. Written and directed by renowned comedian Ben Elton, THREE SUMMERS is a comedy about a community who discover they have much more in common than their taste in music.