Kimberley - Spring Creek Track to Purnululu







Scouting Assistance

Reserved for significant interstate and international inbounds who are considering shooting in Western Australia, Screenwest may provide scouting support to long-form productions based upon the production’s stage of development and its estimated spend in Western Australia.  Support through the scouting program is available for projects prior to commencement of pre-production and prior to, or during financing, and is approved at Screenwest’s discretion.


Inbounds and Recces

Scouting assistance may include the contracting of a registered Western Australian Location Scout by Screenwest to scout possible locations; provision of a location image presentation package with accompanying logistical information; some of the costs associated with on-ground travel including vehicle hire, accommodation and intrastate flights; and assisting with the coordination of logistics. Screenwest will also facilitate meetings between Western Australia producers, key personnel and post houses as required.


Location Assistance

Screenwest provides location assistance in the form of:

  • Script location breakdowns
  • Personalised location presentations
    • Note: Screenwest does not provide individual specific location advice other than for significant interstate and international inbound projects.  See the list of registered Location Managers to assist you in your search.
  • Production liaison – crew, equipment and facilities

To take advantage of Western Australian expertise, simply tell us a little bit about your project to enable us to supply you with logistical information and in most cases, selected images from our extensive locations database.  Speak with Screenwest Production Attraction and Services Manager, Gabrielle Cole to discuss your project and have a package created specific to your production.

Gabrielle Cole, Production Attraction and Services Manager
M: + 61 8 6169 2117