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Screenwest Update: COVID-19 measures in place. Visit our COVID-19 FAQ page for more details.

If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please send your query through our contact form.

Screenwest Business Operations

Is Screenwest open and operating?

Yes, Screenwest continues to operate with staff splitting time between working remotely and working from the office in response to government requirements.

Can I still meet with Screenwest staff?

While we will not be taking in-person meetings during active lockdown periods, or government required work from home restrictions, we always are available to take meetings online. When there are no active restrictions, we are available to meet in person, phone or online if preferred.

You can contact our staff through their Screenwest phone numbers and email addresses to request a meeting and organise a time. All in person visitors to the Screenwest offices must complete a COVID Declaration Form before being granted access to the building. This will be sent to you to complete prior to your meeting. Contact information is available on the Screenwest Staff page.

How can I stay up to date with Screenwest’s responses to COVID-19?

We encourage you to subscribe to subscribe to the Screenwest Newsletter, follow us on Facebook and check for regular updates and opportunities.

Funding and Support

Can I still apply for Funding?

Yes! All of our regular funding programs are running as usual with the exception of travel funding, which has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Any changes to Development, Production and Indigenous funding programs will be communicated widely with industry – we recommend WA screen industry members subscribe to the Screenwest newsletter to stay up to date.

Are there funding rounds I can apply for right now?

Yes! Visit Funding & Support to see all the funding programs currently open for applications!

Is Screenwest offering any talent and skills development opportunities, online training or information?

Screenwest continues to work on some fantastic skills and talent development opportunities. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for the latest news.

You can also listen to our podcast – In Conversation with Screenwest and watch some of the previous events we have livestreamed on the Screenwest YouTube Channel.

Can Screenwest provide income support, or subsidise my costs during this time?

Screenwest is unable to provide direct financial support to individuals for personal expenses. Our funding programs seek to provide benefit to practitioners and production companies by supporting development, suitably scaled production and talent and skills development outcomes.

The Federal and State Governments continue to announce COVID-19 economic response packages for individuals and businesses. Refer to the key links at the top of this page for more information.

Will Screenwest fund me to retain staff?

Screenwest is unable to directly pay for staff of Western Australian businesses, however there any Federal and State Government supports available to assist businesses with cashflow and retaining staff can be viewed here: Federal Government’s Economic Response to the Cororavirus.


Can I still enquire about filming in Western Australia?

We welcome all enquiries about filming in Western Australia! You can check out our Location Gallery and Crew and Services Directory online now.

Please contact Production Attraction and Services Manager for further enquiries.

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