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On Monday, 17 July 2017, Screenwest formally became an independent not-for-profit organisation.

The organisation’s registered business name is Screenwest (Australia) Ltd. ABN 43 620 492 300

Screenwest (Australia) Ltd is governed by a new constitution. This has a similar remit to the previous constitution, updated to reflect the change in structure, changes in technology, and references to the Minister have been removed.

The constitution includes the terms of appointment of the Board of Directors and the Screen Industry Advisory Group (IAG).

Structural Transition Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change?

Screenwest had reached a point in its growth and development where a different structure would benefit both the agency and the screen sector. The need for structural reform was acknowledged for many years and is supported by the Screenwest Strategic Plan 2016-2021.
The change will be positive for Screenwest, the screen industry and the community of Western Australia. It will enable Screenwest to be more responsive and flexible to screen industry changes and opportunities, and to more easily form market partnerships and leverage funding from third parties.
What is a Company Limited By Guarantee (CLBG)?

A CLBG is a specialised form of public company designed for non-profit organisations, and is appropriate for the age, size and nature of operations undertaken by Screenwest.

A CLBG is a professional, internationally recognised structure that will allow Screenwest to operate throughout Australia without additional registrations.

What does it mean for funding recipients and Screenwest’s partners?

Screenwest will continue to support the screen industry through funding grants and investments and other services as we currently do. We will continue to fund project development and productions, support practitioner development and support screen culture. We will also continue to advocate for the Western Australian screen industry locally, nationally and internationally.

All current contractual terms with funding recipients and funding partners will be met. There will be no need to enter into Deeds of Variation.

How will Screenwest Ltd be funded?

Screenwest (Australia) Ltd will continue to receive funding from the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Culture (former Department of Culture and the Arts), Lotterywest and Royalties for Regions, at a level consistent with the previous budget.
Who are Screenwest (Australia) Ltd’s Board of Directors?

The inaugural Board of Directors are:

  • Janelle Marr, Chair
  • Chris Holman, Deputy Chair
  • Amanda Higgs
  • Carol Innes
  • Catherine Ferrari
  • Bryce Menzies
  • Sally Carbon
  • Michael Ottaviano
  • John Gardner

Chris Holman is the Board representative on the Industry Advisory Group (IAG).

Further information on the Board of Directors is available here.

What is the Industry Advisory Group?

The IAG will play a key role in advising the Screenwest (Australia) Ltd Board of Directors on screen industry matters. The group will provide a vital link and flow of information between the Screenwest Board and the WA screen industry.

Key Objectives of the Industry Advisory Group

The key objectives of the Industry Advisory Group are to:

  1. Advise Screenwest on existing, new or emerging matters in the screen industry in WA.
  2. Advise Screenwest on the effectiveness of actions required by Screenwest to assist in the development of the screen industry in WA.
  3. Promote dialogue between industry and the community to build the community’s confidence in Screenwest and in the screen industry in WA.
  4. Partner with Screenwest to assist in the development of and/or informing of the community and industry of new policies or actions to be undertaken by Screenwest.
  5. Partner with Screenwest to facilitate ongoing communication and transfer of information between different parts of the screen industry in WA, and the community.
  6. Consider any matter referred to it by Screenwest, or any other relevant matter.
Inaugural IAG members

The inaugural IAG members appointed for a two-year period are:

  • Dot West
  • John Fairhead
  • Joshua Gilbert
  • Julia Redwood
  • Justin McArdle
  • Ray Pedretti
  • Renee Webster
  • Ric Curtin
  • Sue Taylor
  • Tania Chambers
  • Chris Holman, Screenwest Board director

The IAG will meet at least quarterly.