Public Consultation - Funding program Review

To ensure Screenwest’s funding programs best deliver on the Screenwest Strategic Plan 2016-2021, a new policy framework has been developed and the funding support for production and business support reviewed.

Screenwest now seeks feedback from the industry and interested parties on the early draft guidelines for production and business support.



PROJECT INVESTMENT:   Achieving our purpose today

It is recommended the Drama and Documentary Production Investment Funds be replaced with:

  • The Automatic Production Fund, where if you’ve got the necessary level of market support in place funding is automatically triggered.
  • The Exceptional Production Fund, where a project does not have the requisite level of market support but the quality and the importance of its production to Western Australia is recognised and support provided.

Note: the Western Australian Regional Film Fund will remain, its guidelines unchanged.


CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT:  Better achieving our purpose tomorrow

It is recommended Superdoc, Established Production Company Travel funding, Screen Business Development and Industry Enhancement Fund programs be replaced with:

  • The Marketing and Business Development Fund provides financial support to WA production companies to spend at their discretion on a broad range of activities to cover company overheads, provide travel support, and to develop their business.

Screenwest will also provide workshops, seminars and mentoring support to help WA practitioners adapt and develop their businesses.

Separate funds and initiatives will be provided to support project investment and capability development of the emerging and Indigenous screen sectors.

It is not anticipated the new guidelines will be introduced until late 2017. The current Funds will continue in the meantime, and transition arrangements catered for.



Presentation Slides: Screenwest Funding Review Presentation



It is important that respondents have viewed or read the presentation and also read the draft guidelines before taking the survey.

To provide feedback, please complete the online survey:

The survey closes 5:00pm Thursday, 20 April 2017