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Diversity Roadmap Image v1-01The Western Australian screen industry together with diversity interest groups launched the Western Australian Screen Industry Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap on Monday making a strong statement to the WA community, and the Australian and international screen industries, that they believe storytelling and audiences all stand to benefit from a more inclusive screen sector.

The Roadmap is a united effort from all sectors of the industry and diversity interest groups who contributed to the consultation process and development of the unified vision.

Through the strategies and actions set out in the Roadmap, the WA screen industry aims to:

  • Achieve a local screen community that more closely reflects the overall diversity of our State’s population, understands the value of diversity and promotes inclusivity in all its activities.
  • Develop and produce screen content that is as diverse as its audience, by including stories that draw from a range of experiences and perspectives and by promoting diverse talent.

Janelle Marr, Screenwest Board Chair said “The intention is that our differences will bring us together, open up opportunities and provide new avenues in which we can learn and better create stories for a wider audience and fuel a sustainable industry here in Western Australia.”

David Doyle, Executive Director DADAA also spoke at the launch.

“With greater diversity we achieve bigger audiences, stronger community and relevance. In an environment of consolidation and shrinking budgets, there has never been a better time for entire community of WA to come together, to make the most of strategic partnerships to tell our stories,” Doyle said.

A Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Group, made up of screen industry and members of the broader creative industries and diversity sectors, has been established to drive the Roadmap forward, advising Screenwest and other organisations on actions and initiatives to promote change.

Over the next few months Screenwest, working with the soon to be formed WA Screen Industry Advisory Group  and the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Group, will finalise its  own Action Plan that details the agency’s programs, initiatives and funding incentives to support diversity, inclusion and equality as outlined in the Roadmap.

The WA Screen Industry and Diversity Roadmap is published on the Screenwest website and it is encouraged that industry and non-industry distribute it widely in order to continue the conversation and initiate change within their organisations.

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Posted 17 May

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