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Russell Ord, a West Australian world renowned surf photographer at The Right in Walpole, WA. Photographer: Trent Slatter

One Shot: An Image and an Attitude is available now on ABC iview after airing on ABC last night as part of the broadcaster’s Creatives series.

One of two Western Australian productions in the five part Creative series, One Shot is a character driven short documentary set to an extreme surfing backdrop.  Filmed over three years, it follows Russell Ord, one of Western Australia’s most prolific surf photographers, who recently quit his firefighting job to follow his dreams and live a life without regrets whilst supporting his young family.

The documentary is sure to resonate with audiences in and out of the surf world as the challenges that are faced, the fears that are overcome, and the deep seeded desire by many to have ‘their moment’ are universal.

The film also provides behind-the-scenes insight into the challenging new digital age of photography, as everyday people now have access to quality cameras and the competition is fierce and fast paced.   The amount of effort and level of risk photographers go through to get that ‘one shot’ is extraordinary, providing not only an educational element to the film but contributes to the film’s overall theme of inspiration.

One Shot was written, directed, filmed and produced by Farmhouse Films’ Darren McCagh, who moved from Perth down to Margaret River after the first year of filming in order to best capture the energetic and often compulsive Ord.

“Our objective through One Shot: An Image and an Attitude is primarily to inspire people to overcome their fears and to live a full, honest and meaningful life true to the nature of who they are,” said McCagh.

Interviews with well-known surfers, professional photographers and magazine editors are weaved into the stylised, observational documentary which has a cinematic look and feel.

The journey to make One Shot included a teaser shot in three days to meet a Pozible prize pool campaign deadline.  The filmmakers where not discouraged after missing out on the prize pool as One Shot attracted 114 contributors raising just over $14,000, enough to get McCagh and Ord started.

“We were blown away by the support that was shown, and it helped give us a good indication that we had an idea that was worth pursuing,” said McCagh.

One Shot: An Image and an Attitude received additional funding support from Screenwest and Lotterywest.